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the rules

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the rules

Post by Xaria on Mon Oct 19, 2015 7:38 pm

1. when registering, have your username be your character's first and last name in standard case such as: Jane Doe. there is no need to include a middle initial or their middle name unless it is a personal preference.

2. first name duplication is allowed as it would be unusual if an entire town or two didn't have a few people who happens to share the same name. however, people may only have the same last name if they're married or related to each other in one way or another.

3. character diversity of all kind is encouraged. wouldn't the world be boring if everyone was the same?

4. face claim diversity is encouraged. so basically if you want to use an obscure visual kei rockstar, go right ahead. want to use an actor from bollywood? totally okay. celebrities from the 90's that aren't well-known nowadays? perfectly fine. the only face claims that we don't allow is people you know in real life, animated (cartoon & anime/manga), and those who have asked for their images to not be used. due to the grade levels being 8-12th grade, the youngest your face claim can be is 13/14. unlike most sites, we'll allow those who are suicide girls and porn stars - just make sure they have SFW pictures and all will be well. we do not have a 5 year rule implemented for face claims as there are face claims who can pass for much younger or much older than their real age. another reason we don't have this rule is due to circumstances involving some face claims. for example, the face claim you could choose might be in their 40's, but all of the material you can find of them happens to be when they're younger. all that is asked when it comes to using face claims to be realistic when it comes to character age. if you're unsure, simply ask for a second opinion.

5. there is no word count. just write as many words as needed to get your character's actions across. if you're unsure about whether or not your partner could get something from the amount you have typed, simply ask them privately and work something out.

6. there is no character limit, just make sure to keep them active. it is understandable if 2-3 aren't as active due to muse issues. it is asked that you develop the character you had recently made some before creating another to help prevent multiple characters being created in the same day by one person.

7. even though these next few should be common sense, they have to be said anyway. absolutely no mary sues and gary stus. no godmodding and metaplaying. you may only godmod if you get permission from the other player and you must say so in the post. keep ic drama ic. be kind and respect each other. the use of slurs isn't tolerated and racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, etc. is completely unaccepteable ooc. keep all that ic to an extent.

8. avatars MUST be 270x370. if you're unable to make an avatar that is that size, no need to worry as an admin will gladly help you out if needed. the gif/image in the miniprofile is 100x100. the picture should resize automatically; just make sure it's aspect ratio can be equivalent to 100x100. any gifs smaller will look blurry. ssignatures are enabled but are not required. if you choose to have a signature,make sure the width isn't too wide and that it isn't ridiculously long. if you feel as though your signature would be too long, feel free to use the spoiler code to help downsize the length on part of it.

9. have fun! roleplay is merely a hobby used to have fun. it shouldn't feel like a chore nor a hassle.

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