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Jason Ward

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Jason Ward

Post by Jason Ward on Tue Oct 20, 2015 6:21 pm

jason w.
sixteen - brian molko
born on June 4, Jason is the fraternal twin brother of Lindsey Ward. His parents were upper middle class, which left his family to be very well off. He and Lindsey were spoiled as children and never got punished for even doing the most mundane things. Due to such an upbringing, he found himself without a filter saying some of the most explicit things ever. Growing up, Jason had unintentionally hurt many people through words without even meaning to since saying such words were seen as normal, especially with Lindsey influencing him in a way. When he entered middle school, he ha begun to discover himself and figure out his place in comparison to his sister. Jason was figuring out his sexuality since he just knew that he just couldn't imagine being with a girl although around that time he began to put on his sister's dresses in hopes off finding his own sense of fashion. Although he didn't even bother trying to wear dresses to school until he had entered high school, Jason felt confident dressing up and wearing makeup; he felt free. It was around that point of time that he discovered the Gothic subculture despite his sister making fun of it for who knows how long. The subculture helped make him comfortable with himself and taught him to be more respectful despite it not giving him at least half of a mouth filter. unlike his sister, Jason holds more appreciation for the arts rather than constantly focusing on getting the latest gossip. Ever since becoming an adolescent, he found himself finding some negative influences much to his mother's dismay which had caused him to become a smoker at only 13 years old. Despite being the complicated member of the Ward family, Jason can't wait until he gets out of high school, and nothing is going to stop him from that.
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