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student handbook

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student handbook

Post by Xaria on Tue Oct 20, 2015 7:56 pm

Dear parents and their students, we welcome you back to another school year at Riverwick high school. Like every year, we strive to reach your child(ren)'s academical needs. For our newest class, the class of 2020, welcome to Riverwick High. For many, a new school year means a new beginning, but there is a few guidelines that we would like to mention to help ensure all runs smoothly. Please review this handbook with your child(ren) and make sure they have all the required forms such as the emergency card turned in. goals of riverwick high*To provide a safe learning environment for our students
*Ensure student's full potential
*Help students prepare for life after high school
*To help students be proud of their accomplishments whether big or smallattendance policyOn any day that a student is absent, their parent/guardian will automatically be sent a phone call notifying them of the absence. 10 or more unexcused absences can cause a student to be reported for truancy. After 10 notes from parents of an excused absence, notes from doctors may be required as proof that the child is not skipping school. if a student has out-of-school suspension (OSS), the absences will be counted as unexcused. Students have 48 hours to bring in a note with an acceptable excuse after the absence. Make-up work is the student's own responsibility. Those out of school for three days or more are always encouraged to have their assignments picked up so they could be at the same pace as their peers/ driving to school policyBeing able to drive to school is a privilege assigned to only students who have a valid drivers license with proof of liability insurance of the vehicle driven/ Students must purchase a driving permit due to lack of space; they are available by application and assigned by priority needs. Those who park at school without a permit can end up getting suspended an/or their vehicle towed. As soon as they arrive to school, students must leave their car. No one can be in their car at all during the school day. Privileges may be revoked due to attendance and/or discipline problems.homeworkHomework should never be assigned just as busywork; it requires a definite purpose based on needs,interest, and capabilities. All should be noted as a part of a teacher's lesson plan/ Teachers should not assign homework as a punishment. Pupil's ability and time lengths it takes for each student to complete homework should be taken in consideration whenever the teacher is assigning it. Homework policy is organized by staff to ensure that there is no excessive homework. It is recommended that each teacher assign homework once a week. Homework is due on the date the teacher has set, but if a student is absent on the due date, they may turn it in on the day that they return.cheating policyThe cheating policy is as followed:
*First offense - "0" on that particular assignment and parents notified
*Second offense - A grade of 64% on the quarter in which the second offense has occurredschedule changesChanges in a student's schedule should be kept to an absolute minimum. Upon recommendation of the principal, a final decision will be made on all changes. Both of the affected teachers must agree to the change presented. In the dropped class, the student will have an F if changed after the third week of a grading period.consequences for misbehavior*Lunch detention
*After school detention
*Saturday school
*Parent-teacher conferences
*Suspension (In-school and Out-of-school)
*Expulsionextra-curricular policyParticipation in activities such as athletics, clubs, marching band, and other activities are a privilege granted to students that provide a good reputation to the school. Such privileges may be revoked due to disciplinary reasons for a minimum of 90 days.food policyAny food and drink are not allowed in classrooms. If a student has a doctor's note, they may freely carry a water bottle.tobacco useUse of tobacco on school property is prohibited. Any violations of this policy will use disciplinary measures. Possession on school property can result in court action. Students in violation may be placed into tobacco education groups.affectionOnly hand holding will be tolerated. Kissing and hugging are not allowed.vandalismAny vandalism will be dealt according to state policy. The student or their parent will be financially responsible for any damages.dress codeTo see the full policy, please refer to the county handbook. The following are prohibited:
*Hats, caps, or any head coverings. Exceptions can be made for religious reasons.
*Spaghetti straps; tank top straps must be at least 2" wide
*Pocket chains
*Exposed undergarments
*Flip flops
Any violation will result in a referral.technology policiesCellphones may only be used in the morning, in between classes, at lunch, and at the end of the day. Exceptions are if permission is given by the teacher for educational purposes. If used to cheat, the cheating policy will be followed the same way. Administration recommends that these devices aren't brought to school. Use of cellphones are forbidden in the classroom and must be put away as soon as they enter the room. Cellphones may be confiscated by teacher if it is heard, used, or falls down onto the floor.skateboardsThey are prohibited on school property. If brought, they will be confiscated.partiesNo parties may occur during the school day.lockersLockers are assigned at the beginning of the school year. They are not required to be used. Gym lockers cost $5 to be rented to use during the year.
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