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Marilyn Lindberg

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Marilyn Lindberg

Post by Marilyn Lindberg on Tue Oct 20, 2015 8:48 pm

marilyn l.
seventeen - victoria beckham
Marilyn's family immigrated to the United States from Sweden back in the year of 1904 so they could live the American dream. At first, the Lindbergs were struggling to find their place in such a country, but by the 1980's, they were fully situated to American culture to where it was their culture with their Swedish blood merely being a part of their heritage. Her mother's side has Italian descent with them coming to America from Italy back in 1899. Marilyn is a member of the most recent generation of her family being born in 1998. Even though she never grew up in the countries her ancestors were from, sh holds deep appreciation for her ancestry and hopes to visit Sweden and Italy at some point in her lifetime.

Born in early autumn, Marilyn was fed with a silver spoon. She was spoiled by her parents since she just happened to be the only child the had successfully conceived after trying for so long not wanting to resort to IVF. Despite her family treating her like loyalty, Marilyn found herself interested in science, math, and history. She had taught herself how to use a VCR just so she could always watch Bill Nye the Science Guy. When she entered intermediate school, she got her first chemistry set for her birthday and has loved it ever since although it's used as a display in her bedroom nowadays. Although some would assume her to be stuck up due to her appearance, she is actually more reserved and very analytical paying attention to her surroundings knowing that such a skill would help her later in life. Despite her love for science, science fair had always frustrated her to the point of cussing out a blank backboard just wishing she could do something more enjoyable like experimenting with chromatography and examining rock characteristics. There are times where she'd bring up a scientific fact if relevant in a conversation; Marilyn also tends to refer to animals and insects by their scientific name rather than the term commonly used outside of the scientific community.

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